Lingham Massage Paddington, Holland Park, Reading

Lingham Massage, Reading

A Lingham massage is an erotic massage that focuses on the prostate (called the lingam massage or genital massage), as well as other parts of the body.

We are very skilled in reading your energy and arousal levels, we will gently and slowly build up from a relaxing massage to more arousing energetic lingham massage using warm scented oils to give you an amazing experience!

The masseuses will continue to work on the lingam massage, and willsense when you are about to climax. If you are, she will stop for a moment, because shewill try to bring you in and out of an orgasmic state multiple times. This is knownas "riding the wave".It should be said, that an orgasm is not the goal of a lingham massage, but rather an extra. Most men do release and this is fine and natural during the session.

Based in Reading and offer an exclusive range of tantric lingham massage services.

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