Mature Massage Kilburn, Mayfair, Reading

Mature Massage, Reading

Mature Massage is an erotic massage that concentrates on the prostate, groin, genital area, chest, stomach and between and down your thighs & legs.

This is done in combination with slow, conscious breathing to help in the accumulation of the erotic energy within the body and mind. Normally, this form of mature massage does not end in release, as its focus is to build sexual tension & erotic energy.

Learn to become totally in the moment, to just be and let go of all outside thoughts and expectations and surrender to pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Mature massage creates a sacred space within us, enhancing our Goddess energy and healing. During this beautiful meditative mature massage you are taught how to breathe in conjunction with the Chakras (energy centres) of the body. The breath keeps us focused, centred in the moment and moves sexual energy from the heart centre and into the reproductive, bringing feelings of ecstasy and pure sensual indulgence.

Prepare yourself for an exceptional time as I lure you with my extensive experience which will entice you into great pleasure. Nothing else's compromised throughout the magical moments.

All desires will be pampered with my utmost devotion and will leave you in nirvana.

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