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Erotic Tantric Nuru Massage


Unlike any other massage EROTIC Tantric massage, this is a deep healing process, to help peal off your negative emotions like pealing an orange.

The aim is to encourage deep relaxation with the perfect full body massage. Candle light, delicious scents and the low hum of relaxing music sets the mood.

You will feel erotic energies flow through and around your body, enabling you to express your emotions physically /vocally / emotionally.

Two Hands 60mins £170/ 90mins £220

DeLUXE* Tantric Massage Package


Imagine you are floating away on a raft, letting go of every muscle in your body, washing away your thoughts with the waves of the ocean. Soft glow of candles, delicate scents flowing through the room, sexy music playing softly.

You are welcomed in to nirvana closing the door behind you. We softly leads you to the bubbly warm bath, helping you into a warm bubble bath, flowing with rose petals, and sweet scented bubbles.

Here you will experience profuse and tender attention from your head to your toe. Your thoughts seduced, and you begin to wonder about the moment soon to come. You begin lose yourself to our tender body, soft touches and strokes. You begin to connect on the most tender and sensual level imagined using breath-work.

Result is to feel the natural energy flow throughout your whole body that will continue to open up and unblock your body, mind and spirit

It incorporates full body massage with gentle rocking.

Two Hands - 90mins £300


All the massages include shower at the beginning and at the end.

Please note no extra charge for Sacred Spot Massage Enhancer

For outcalls visit just call for further information


Gold Tantric Massage - Two hands - £350


Do you want to be treated and pampered like a King, then you need to try the Gold Tantric Massage?

It is a blend of soft caresses, delicate strokes and gentle effleurage.

The massage is always performed with utmost care, consideration and respect. For you discover the ancient treasures of Tantric pleasures.

You will be guided to a bespoke massage treatment targeting your unique holistic needs, whether that be to ease deep muscular tension, to re balance and renew emotional or physical energies, to detoxify, and stimulate your libido or general well-being. Performed with warm oils and lovely fragrances.

2 hours- Massage


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