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Tantric Massages

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a form of erotic massage that focuses on the groin, genital area and prostate (called the lingam massage or genital massage), as well as your chest, stomach and between and down your thighs and legs.

This is done in combination with slow, conscious breathing patterns to assist in the accumulation of the erotic energy within the mind and body. Traditionally, this form of erotic massage does not end in ejaculation, as its focus is to build sexual tension and erotic energy in the body.

The retention of this erotic energy in the body often will help people feel much energized for days afterwards.

In addition, this energy acts as a powerful healing energy mentally, emotionally and physically. People have reported extraordinary experiences including altered states of consciousness, intense pleasure often called "the full body orgasm", new body sensations, emotional releases and continuing to live happier lives.

Some of the benefits of the services I offer, Tantric massage in particular include greater capacities to receive pleasure, ability to achieve heightened states of erotic pleasure, greater control over orgasm (helpful for those who ejaculate quickly), shifts in body image and self esteem, learning to experience sex with the whole body (not just the genitals), and a deepened sense of self awareness. There are numerous other health benefits for ones mind, body and spirit.

Men who are impotent may also experience the benefits of Tantric Massage, as an erection is not required to receive the full benefits.

While traditionally there is no release in the Tantric massage, it sometimes happens, and it is not "wrong" to have a release and your orgasm should be all the more pleasurable.

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Massage Oils?

We use unfragranced Grape Seed massage oil, alternatives to oil can include talc powder, cream, Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E or Honey and Grape Seed oil.

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